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43 year old patient came in to see Dr. Mofid after facial trauma. Her main complaint was that she had lost the facial fat volume on the left side. Dr. Mofid injeceted Radiesse to her cheek for symmetry, giving her an even appearance


34 year old patient from San Diego consulted with Dr. Mofid about the bags under her eyes. Dr. Mofid recommended filling up the trough with derma filler to create a smoother lower eyelid appearance.


Patient from San Diego came in to see Dr. Mofid to reduce the appearance of her lower lid bags. Dr. Mofid injected Restylane to her tear troughs.


This is a 32 year old female patient from San Diego, California who decided to see a plastic surgeon in the San Diego area for an injectable filler. She chose to come in to see plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, at one of his San Diego locations. This patient felt she looked tired all the time and wanted a refreshed appearance. Dr. Mofid recommended restylane injections to fill in the areas were she had lost fat. These photos were taken 2 months after Restylane injections into lower eyelid tear troughs performed by Dr. Mark Mofid.