Injectable Filler Transformations: Before and After Photos

Our gallery proudly displays patients happy with their injectable filler results. These images tell a captivating story of how injectable fillers can restore and rejuvenate the facial skin, providing tangible results that go beyond the surface. The photographs are more than mere images; they are visual narratives that inspire you to envision your own journey of transformation.

These injectable filler results showcase the remarkable benefits of these treatments. Whether it’s smoothing fine lines, adding volume, or sculpting your features, the outcomes are a testament to the power of aesthetic refinement. The beauty lies not only in the visual enhancements but also in the renewed confidence that our patients experience. 

Please bear in mind that while we proudly present these dermal filler before and after photos, results may vary from person to person, influenced by individual characteristics and objectives. We invite you to connect with our specialists for a personalized consultation, allowing us to understand your unique aspirations and chart a path towards your own elegant transformation.

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43 year old male patient from San Diego consulted with Dr. Mofid regarding the appearance of his lower lids. The patient felt his lower lids made him look tired. Dr. Mofid injected Restylane dermafiller to his lower eye lid tear troughs to smooth out the hallowness and give him a more youthful and relaxed appearance.


47 year old patient from Riverside came in to consult with Dr. Mofid regarding the appearance of her lower eyelids. She complained that she felt like she looked tired all the time. Dr. Mofid injected Juvaderm to her tear troughs, giving her a smoother lower eyelid. Pictures were taken at her two year follow up.